Three Rock Capital Management is a discretionary global macro manager based in Dublin, Ireland. The firm’s principals are Conor O’Mara, Chief Investment Officer; Ciaran Kane, Chief Executive Officer; and Fergal Cox, Chief Operating Officer.

Our investment objective is to achieve absolute returns that are uncorrelated with equity markets and other alternative asset classes.

Our primary focus is on foreign exchange, which historically accounts for half of our risk exposure. We also trade equity indices, interest rates and precious metals using liquid exchange traded futures.

We seek to identify macroeconomic and market trends and to select trades that will profit from those trends. While we will do best in a trending environment, our correlation to trend following CTAs is low. Our investment approach seeks to strike a sensible balance between conviction and money management.

A robust investment process, supported by a sound risk management framework ensures consistency of approach in a controlled risk taking environment. Risk is allocated top down via a sector allocation model, producing a trade stable from which individual trades are selected. Our trading is directional in nature and risk is concentrated in a small number of trades.

With a very experienced executive team, the firm has an institutional quality infrastructure and strong business management skills. Trade reconciliation and administration is outsourced to an independent third party provider.